Food On The Trek

Food On The Trek

Food On The Trek

Trek adventure food – is the best in the region Peru.

Your journey our passion.

Luxurious service.

You will never feel hungry with us.

Peruvian Food is incredibly diverse with each region and even some cities with their own specialties. The trekking food with Runas Expeditions is the best.
We don’t have cooks; we have excellent Chefs, who will provide to you all the best meals with an incredible variety and quantity. We will have buffet as meal every day.


You will eat as much as you want!

We are able to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten free, kosher, allergies, etc.). Our food is Buffet.

1st Breakfast: day 1 you will have some delicious breakfast before hiking like fruit salad, coco milo, some bread, some eggs (pancakes) and much surprise.

2nd Breakfast: Day 2 at 6:00am. Porridge, toast, bread, butter, jam, pancakes, fruit salad, cereals, yogurt, you can also have hot chocolate, coffee, hot tea like the famous and traditional coca tea.

3rd Breakfast: Day 3 at 6:30am. Hot chocolate, omelets, jungle potato, plantains, plain bread, coffee, butter, jam, plenty of hot tea.

4th Breakfast: Day 4 at 4:00am. You will get quinoa porch (this cereal is good for your energy), scrambled eggs, coffee, tea bags, jam, butter, bread and hot water plus a special sandwich with a juice.

SNACKS: Every morning after breakfast.

1st Lunch: At 13:00 hours. You will have three meals like avocado as appetizer, cream corn plus garlic bread as soup, grained rice, vegetables, potatoes, trout fish and much more to enjoy it. After lunch you will have hot tea for your digestion.

2nd Lunch: At 13:00 hours. Ceviche appetizer, noodles soup plus garlic bread, lomo saltado, rice, beef meat, vegetables, french fries, salad + hot tea.
3rd Lunch: 13:00 hours. Appetizer is a delectable causa rellena (which is specially mashed potatoes with tuna fish), quinoa soup plus garlic bread, as mean course steak, beans, salad, wheat, sweet potatoes, rice. At end of the meal you will have some hot drinks.


HAPPY HOURS: Every afternoon before dinner. 


1st Dinner: at 19:30. Vegetables soup; A delicious spaghetti with 2 different sauces, chicken; chocolate pudin as desert plus some hot tea.

Drink: chamomile very recommended (helps you to sleep), black tea, coca tea, etc.
2nd Dinner: 19:00. Rise soup; chicken legs, rice, mash potatoes, salad, meat as mean course; a hot desert made out a maizena, hot tea of chamomile or any other kind of tea will be good.

3rd Dinner: at 19:00. Spaghetti soup + another amazing supper! meat, rolled chicken with beautiful dreasings, pasta, Russian salad, anticuchos; jelly desert + wine.

Happy Hour: every afternoon at around 5pm. you will get happy hour with popcorn, biscuits, wantan, jam, butter, chocolate, tea and hot water. And of course this the time to relax.
All our meals are mostly Peruvian dishes and definitely the meals are the best in the region Peru. Runas Expeditions luxurious service.

With us you will never get hungry.

Your journey our passion.

Luxurious service.

Peruvian Dishes


Papa a la Huancaina:

Sliced Boiled Potatoes covered in a cheesy, slightly spicy yellow sauce (which contains Turmeric) served on top of lettuce. This dish is usually garnished with a quarter of a hard-boiled egg and sometimes with olives too.


Skewered meat (brochettes) that are sold throughout the streets of Peru and of course in restaurants. We recommend that you ask what type of meat it is before ordering one, as the most general kind is calledanticucho de corazón, which is marinated beef hearts grilled on a stick.

Lomo Saltado

 If you are on diet, we don’t recommend this dish. Peruvians take strips of steak and sauté it with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, chilies, onions and tomatoes. It is then served over a bed of rice with a large helping of chips (french fries). It is often served with a small side of salad too. It is a hearty meal that is served in many of the cheaper restaurants.


There are many different variations of the dish which can be found in almost every restaurant in Peru. It is generally made with bite size chunks of raw white fish, normally sea bass. The fish is marinated in lemon / lime juice, onions and chilies. Traditionally it is served with boiled sweet potatoes or corn

Rocoto Relleno

Stuffed Rocoto peppers with a kick (they’re a little hot/spicy). They are usually filled with meat, onions, egg whites, olives and sometimes with nuts. This dish originally comes from Arequipa.


Here is where Peruvian cuisine might get a little scary for you. Fried Guinea pig! It was once eaten by Incan royalty and today remains a special food in Peru. While some restaurants serve it cut into small pieces and marinated others prefer a more dramatic presentation. It isn’t uncommon to see the entire animal, head, feet and all grilled and served on a platter. Beware of the word Cuy (Guinea Pig) on any menu you see.