Why Runas Expeditions?

What make us so different from the others?

More reason to choose Runas Expeditions.

- 100% Peruvian owned.
- Book with us is easy, and we guarantee to respond quickly with our professional stuff.
- The best tour Guides in the region and many of them have other professions.
- The best chefs in the region.
- The best drivers, porters and horsemen, they are well prepared for your adventure.
- We give our stuff guides, chefs, porters, horsemen and drivers the best treatment by providing the right equipment, good salary and health insurance for all of them.
- The food on our treks is the best, you will be surprised!
- The food is according to your needs, we settled your special diet.
- We require only a minimum of 2 people to start a group.
- Our camps are private only to Runas expeditions.
- We have the best itineraries for each of our tours we are flexible.
- We have the best uniforms for each of our people (guides, chefs, porters, horsemen and drivers).
- The best camping equipment (spacious tents, comfortable inflatable mattresses, first aid etc. ....)
Small groups and personalized services.
- Sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. (This is very important for us we do not miss the trash on the way, we collect the garbage on the road and transport it to a recycling place or sometimes we bring to Cusco, we are very careful in this regard).
- Committed to social projects and improving the living conditions of the children in Peru. (Another very important aspect is to help the children of indigenous communities especially to education and obviously to create jobs and thus improved the standard of living).
- Many options and facilities to book any expedition in Peru.
- We are flexible for any tours; you choose the date of your tour.