Your Safety First

In Runas Expeditions the safety of each of our customers is the most important thing, when our clients are walking one of the treks, like the Inca Trail, Lares Trek, Ancascocha Trek, Salkantay Trek, or any other tours, you will not have to Worry more about communication, being connected to the city. When any event happens during the tour we will always have a communication to know how everything is going during your trip.

Our emphasis on prevention and leadership is our best strength when it comes to your safety. All our guides are trained first responders, while our porters and cooks are fully trained in first aid. This enables us to respond efficiently to emergency situations that might occur while on the mountains. Equally important is your cooperation to follow our recommendations for how to properly acclimate to the altitude, as well as to keep yourself safe with commonsense precautions.

First: we have walkie-talkies. During the trek you will always have a good communication with your guide, and also the communication will be between the guide and Chef, they always use our professional walkie-talkies to have a better organization and offer you the best service. And of course, giving you a safety during your tour.

Second: fortunately, every year telecommunications has been improving, so the communication via cell phone is better every year providing us with a better communication where you are. Obviously the cell phone signal is not everywhere but there is already signal in some of the camps. Our walkie-talkies will help us in this matter as we can communicate with other groups.

Third: Our professional guides, chefs, porters and drivers are prepared for any event, because they all have first aid courses and courses on rescue, and of course giving a better safety to each of our passengers.

Fourth: our guides always carry with them the oxygen balloon and the first aid kit. Our guides will always be prepared for any event. That is why your safety is first for us.
If you ask other tour agencies if they bring oxygen balloon and first aid kit, they will tell you, yes we do. but they never take it, they are not prepared to go to an injured passenger, so they do not offer your safety during your trip.

That’s why we Runas Expeditions are the best, and above all we work as a team because we are a family.

You will always have the best security with us because your safety comes first.
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