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The Inca Trail is today one of the most famous treks in the world and allows to reach Machu Picchu from the Holy Inca places. The road is paved with stones and has stairs, tunnels and bridges crossing rivers and valleys, cold Andean altitudes and high tropical forest. More than 400 species of orchids let discover along the route, as well as many species of animals which are endangered. This is the only national park where you can see still wildlife. These constructions covered by vegetation, never discovered by the Spanish, give to you the impression to hike and rediscover each of these places.

The private tour Inca trail is just yourself, family or friends, your tour guide, chef and porters will be ready for all your demands, our team will be ready to help you any times, you basically organize your tour.

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  • Vacation Style Holiday Type
      Camping, Culture
    • Activity Level Moderate
    • Group Size Medium Group
    All about the PRIVATE INCA TRAIL 4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS.


    • Hiking the second most beautiful place on earth.
    • Free transfer airport Pick up and drop off
    • Private transport for the whole tour
    • Panoramic train on the way back to Cusco
    • Learn and interact with our native Tour Guides
    • Meet our multicultural team going with us Including women Porters and Chefs
    • We promote gender equality and Women´s empowerment
    • 2% of  the price you pay goes to support our Social Projects


    • Original Passport.
    • International Student Card (if pay as a student).
    • Immigration card.
    • Sleeping bag (not included but you can rent one from us)
    • Walking boots
    • Walking stick
    • Good backpack or daypack
    • Waterproof jacket.
    • Good Warm jacket, hat and gloves
    • Recyclable water container or camel bag
    • T-shirts
    • Comfortable trousers
    • Sun hat + sunglasses.
    • Hat for cold.
    • Sun protection cream
    • Toiletries (toilet paper, wet wipes, personal towel)
    • Torch or head lamp
    • Personal medication
    • Sandals
    • Towel
    • Extra money for any emergency or to purchase any souvenirs.


    • TOTAL DISTANCE: 45km / 27 miles.
    • Day1:  14km/7 miles, 7 hours aprox.
    • Day2:  16 km /10 miles, 10 hours aprox.
    • Day3:  10 km/6 miles, 5 hours aprox.
    • Day4:  5 km/3 miles, 2 hours aprox.
    • Type of trek: Nature, Cultural and history adventure and much more.
    • Minimun Elevation: 2000 m / 6400 ft.
    • Maximun Elevation: 4200 m / 13700 ft.
    • Weather:  From May to October dry season, from November to April wet season.
    • Hot Spring: 4th Day, Optional at Aguas Calientes Town.
    • We provide expeditions train service however you can do upgrade
    • Departure Dates: Depended of your booking Time.

    Optional items:

    Huayna Picchu Mountain – tickets cost an additional $40 per person. To get this ticket, you need to book far in advance; climbing takes 2 hours round trip.

    Machu Picchu Mountain – tickets cost an additional $40 per person. To get this ticket, you need to book far in advance; climbing takes 3 hours round trip.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • Professional Tour Guide.
    • Assistant Guide (for more than 9 people).
    • Picking up from your hotel.
    • Transportation to the starting point of trek and return to Cusco.
    • Bus ticket from MachuPicchu to Aguas Calientes town.
    • Train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo.
    • Private Minivan from Ollantaytambo back to Cusco
    • Transportation from airport to your hotel in Cusco
    • Transportation from your hotel to the airport in Cusco
    • Entrance fee to Inca Trail.
    • Entrance fee to MachuPicchu site.
    • Dining tent with tables and chairs.
    • Kitchen tent
    • Chef and assistant chef.
    • Drinking water (boiled and filtered).
    • Hot water for washing
    • Biodegradable Soap
    • 4-man tent (only 2 people enter).
    • 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 afternoon snacks, 3 dinners.
    • Inflatable Mattress.
    • Toilet tent.
    • Rain poncho.
    • Duffle bag for your personal gear (7 kg)
    • Porters carry all the equipment (included your duffle bag).
    • First Aid kit and oxygen bottle.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • The last lunch.
    • Tips to guide, chef, and porters.

      We will pick you up from your hotel at 4:30 am. And then we will drive for 3 hours approximately, in order to get the starting point of the Inca Trail. On the way we are going to stop to buy the last stuff for our trekking and also to use toilet. By the way we will be driving in the sacred valley of the Incas and one of these places is Ollantaytambo, actually we stop at this place, the views are incredible.

      Afer Ollantaytambo we keep driving to km 82 which is the beginning of trek Inca trail, before hiking our chef will make our delicious breakfast, breakfast place is not that far from the first check point of the Inca trail. We will start to hike at 9:00 am at most. The first day, it’s not really difficult, we will hike 14 kilometers or 9 miles which means, you will hike 7 hours approximately.

      From the beginning of the trek to lunch place will be 4 and half hours some sections is flat and also up and to get our lunch spot. The trek in the morning you will pass through villages like Carpaqmayu, Mesqay, Tarayoq, Hatunchaca, etc. After lunch will be just 2 more hours uphill zigzag and also you will pass through the last villages of the trail called Huayllabamba, in the afternoon hike,it probably will be the difficult part of first day. Time to arrive camp site called Ayapata (3300 or 10500 ft), it is around 4:30pm.Our porters will be waiting for you at the camping place.


      It’s the longest day. We will be hiking 16 kilometers or 10 miles. We will climb two mountains, the first mountain, it is the hardest climb to dead woman pass (4200m or 13700ft), it takes 4 hours from the first camp to the dead woman pass, on the way you have such incredible views of the big Mountains, this part of the Inca trail is original trail and also at the beginning of the second day you will hike into the small forest for 2 hours little by little and then you will reach another camp site called llulluchapampa, and also you are going to meet local shops and toilets, llullachampampa will be the last place to buy something until Machupicchu.

      Afterwards you continue going up for 2 hour more to get Dead Woman Pass which is the highest point in all Inca trail, at summit you will rest and enjoy the amazing views and also you are taking your photos, the experience is unique at summit.
      Afterwards we will go downhill Inca steps for 2 hours to get lunch called Pacaymayu (3600m or 11800ft).  After lunch, we will be hiking 4 more hours to reach our camping spot called Chaquicocha (3600m or 11800ft9), which is included the second hill.

      On the way up hill to the second summit you will be visiting the Inca site called Runcuraqay (inca watch tower), and then you continue 1 more hour to reach the second Pass called Rucuraqay Pass and the views around is also incredible. Afterwards you will continue going down for 2 hours more to get our camping spot Chaquicocha. On the way down you will be visiting two more Inca sites called Sayaqmarca and Conchamarca after that you walk 30 minutes more to get camp spot and this part of the trail is almost flat and also is cloud forest (beginning of the amazon basin).
      Chaquicocha camp is the best place to see the stars.


      Third day is our happy day (short day), we will only hike 6 hours, 10 kilometers or 6 miles. We start to walk around 7:00am and we will finish around 1:30pm. This day is another unbelievable day, because of the views, the vegetation, Inca sites, the Inca trail is mostly original and also we will go around the Mountain, third you will be able to see the second highest Mountain in Cusco region SALKANTAY Mountain (6270m / 21000ft). And today is mostly jungle and downhill Inca steps.

      From the camp spot to the third Pass Phuyupatamarca will be 2 hours of hiking with little up and down almost flat, once you reach the third Pass you will be able to see Machupicchu and Huaynapicchu Mountain so the views is just incredible, at this place there are toilets. Afterwards we will go downhill Inca steps for 3 and half hours in order to get our camp spot WIÑAYWAYNA, on the way down you will visit two Inca ruins PHUYUPATAMARCA and INTIPATA, both sites are the best you should go. After Intipata ruins you walk 30 minutes more going down to get lunch around at 1:30pm.

      After lunch you don´t hike any more you rest all afternoon during this free time you can take a cold shower or whatever you want to do. Later on you will visit the most beautiful Inca ruins which is only 10 minutes of walking, the tour Guide will explain everything about the site once you have done this, you go back to camp site to enjoy the happy hour and dinner, right after dinner you say goodbye to your porters and also that is the time to tip them. For us it´s important how happy you are about the services so in this case tipping is optional.


      Machupicchu the most important day, the last day, you will just hike 2 hours to Machupicchu, but you need to get up at 3:30am. Why? To reasons one of them is our porter need to catch the first train, in the morning you will start to hike at 5:30am officially, from the last camp to Sun Gate. And the other thing is to be the first people at sun gate and also at Machupicchu. Everyone gets crazy to be first but of course you take your time, you have breakfast, after that you walk only 10 minutes to the check point.

      This check point still located by the camp site and opens at 5:30am, you have to do a line for about one and half hour at the check point. At 5:30am you hike officially to Machupicchu: first will be from check point Wiñaywayna to Sungate for 1hour so and this part of trail is little up and down for 45 minutes and last 20 minutes will be up steps to get Sungate. At Sungate you will have the first views of Machupicchu, from Sungate you really see Machupicchu unless is cloudy. Afterwards you continue going down gently way for one more hour to reach Machupicchu city. Once you get there you will go straight to take the postcard pictures or classic photos at Machupicchu afterwards you go down steps to get the main check point of machupicchu and also you have the chance to use the toilets and rest a little bit, by the way the only toilets at Machupicchu is by the check point make sure to use before going back in Machupicchu.

      The Tour at Machupicchu is around 8:00am in the morning for about 2 hours visiting the most important places temples, palaces, altar, etc. after the tour your tour you will have free time to visit by yourself so you can do sun gate or Inca bridge or the Machupicchu Mountain or Huaynapicchu Mountain or just stay around Machupicchu city. Once you have done with Machupicchu, you catch a bus from Machupicchu to Aguas Calientes town to meet up your tour guide to provide your train ticket and have lunch together. After lunch you get ready to go back in Cusco.

      Your transportation back in Cusco, it will be by train and bus. From Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo town, it will be by train, which will take 1 hour and half, after that from Ollantaytambo to Cusco, it will be by our private van, which will take 2 hours.

    Tour Accomodation:

    This amazing Private Inca Trail provides the best camping spots which are private. 3 camping nights includes a spacious 4 man tent that will be shared by only two people so you can spread out a bit and also we included pillow with Sleeping mattress (inflatable).

    If you would like to upgrade a single tent, there will be an additional cost.

    • First night: Camping
    • Secong night: Camping
    • Third night: Camping
    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    First Night, Second Night & Third NightAmazing private camping nights

    Amazing Camping Nights includedPrivate Inca Trail with 3 amazing camping nights

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