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Social Project

Social Project

Runas Expeditions Social Projects

Our goal is to collaborate with the Andean communities to overcome economic and social challenges through a working partnership that directs resources towards sustainable projects. Special attention to supporting our children and their educational needs. Create new jobs for local people are another priority.

Runas Expeditions is dedicated to make our native communities healthier and stronger. We intend to work with different native peoples creating jobs for local people who are most in need, helping to providing many of the resources currently lacking, this includes school supplies for children, and basic tools for good hygiene and health.


Runas Expeditions is supporting several communities and especially the community of Chillihuani because it is one of the communities considered in extreme poverty. Eddy Chambi the owner of Runas Expeditions lived and grew part of his children in one of these communities, so Eddy understand better what daily life is like for these people who do not have many opportunities to grow economically. In that understanding Eddy created a foundation for this community called * CHILLIHUANI FOUNDATION *. Runas Expeditions created this foundation with a single purpose to support all the communities located in this place, especially the community of CHIllIHUANI. We will also be creating new jobs in these communities.

The community of Chillihuani is located in the department of cusco, province of Quispicanchis, district of Cusipata, community of Chillihuani – Peru. The community has 1500 inhabitants and of which 700 are children, and the remains are adults and adults.

” Hello to all my friends and to the whole world. this is eddy chambi cusi and I am the owner of Runas Expeditions. I am Peruvian and I am an Inca descendant, I love my country and especially my people. I started this project of Runas Expeditions with a single purpose of supporting my people, almost all the communities are forgotten by the peruvian government they do not have any support and their children can not study because they do not have money, they only survive on their alpacas and llamas.

I committed myself to support the community of CHILLIHUANI who is located in the department of Cusco, province of quispicanchis, district of Cusipata, the community of CHULLIHUANI.

FIRST I want to help the 900 children or maybe more in their education, they have a small school and there is no studies material that they can learn more I want to give them that smile so they have a better future.

SECOND I want to help the chillihuani population to improve their potato crops so that they can have a better economic income from their hard work.

THIRD to offer them a new job in Runas Expeditions with all the benefits. I hope that this project becomes a reality, I am sure that I will do it in the best way, I hope your help, your support to achieve this goal, with your support we will achieve many more projects for the benefit of the most needy.”

How to get to the community of Chillihuani?

Is located south of Cusco and takes 2 hours and 30 minutes by minivan to reach chullihuani, you can take a private minivan or take puplico transport.

How can you help?

We are committed to supporting our communities by creating new jobs and supporting children with our foundation.
The best way to support each of these communities, it will be your recommendations to Runas Expeditions, for every reservation we have you will be supporting many children because a small portion will be destined for our social projects. For that reason each recommendation and each reservation will be very important.

These communities have many needs. They need job, They need support in their health, they need education supplies, etc so they need everything, you can give books, notebooks, pens, pencils, also you can provide clothes, shoes, toothbrushes, blankets, jackets etc. everything is necessary and welcome for local people, If you have time let us know, because we can organize a tour to visit these communities and you will be supporting and being part of these social projects.
If you have more time you could stay and teach Spanish or English in schools and if you are a student this is the best option to learn about their cultures.
If you have any suggestions let us know please. Thank you Runas Expeditions.



Make a donation for the most needy and our brothers and sisters will always be grateful. if you are going to donate in objects or in money let us know please. thank you very much.

Attentively the team of Runas Expeditions.