Store Your Luggage With Us

Store Your Luggage With Us

Store Your Luggage With Us

When you are traveling involves taking extra luggage especially if you have a long journey vacation. Runas Expeditions provides free storage to all our customers who are trekking and having tours to Machu Picchu, or any tours that we have in cusco.

We have a safe storage facility where we store items of luggage, bags and valuable items while you’re enjoying your vacation. If you have any fragile items or any important thing about your luggage, just let us know beforehand so that we can take extra care of it. Your luggage our job.


Do I get the tags for my luggage?

It is very important that all bags have the correct labels written clearly on them with your information, such as name, departure dates and arrival dates. Your luggage will be returned to you upon your arrival from your hike or any tours.

The luggage tags will be available at your check in time or briefing time. Also, you can get your luggage tags after your briefing time from your tour guide.


When do I give you my luggage for storage?

You will give your luggage to your guide when the tour guide picks you up from your hotel (first day of the tour), and your belongings will be taken to our storage facility. It’s not necessary to bring your luggage and bags to our office, we’ll do all the transportation for your luggage, we pick up and delivery.


When does runas return my luggage?

Your luggage will be waiting for you when you get back to Cusco. Once you are back in Cusco you and your luggage will be delivered back to your hotel by our professional staff

Not matter if your hotel is located out of Cusco City, we are still taking you back to your hotel.


If I’m staying an extra night at Machu Picchu What happens with my luggage?

Many people have an extra night at machu picchu, and that’s not problem, your luggage will be waiting for you the day you return.


If my hotel Hotel is located in the sacred valley can I store my bags with Runas?

Yes, you can. The first day of the tour your tour guide will come to pick you up at your hotel, please give luggage to your guide, and you guide will organize to delivered to Cusco to our storage facility, upon your arrival back from your tour it will be returned to you.


My hotel is at the same place, can I still store bags with Runas

You don’t need to store with us, because your hotel provides free storage, we recommend storing there.

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