Why Runas Expeditions?

Why Runas Expeditions?

Why Runas Expeditions?

More reason to choose Runas Expeditions.

  • 100% Peruvian owned.
  • Book with us is easy, and we guarantee to respond quickly with our professional stuff.
  • The best tour Guides in the region and many of them have other professions.
  • The best chefs in the region.
  • The best drivers, porters and horsemen, they are well prepared for your adventure.
  • We give our stuff guides, chefs, porters, horsemen and drivers the best treatment by providing the right equipment, good salary and health insurance for all of them.
  • The food on our treks is the best, you will be surprised!
    – The food is according to your needs, we settled your special diet.
  • We require only a minimum of 2 people to start a group.
  • Our camps are private only to Runas expeditions.
  • We have the best itineraries for each of our tours we are flexible.
  • We have the best uniforms for each of our people (guides, chefs, porters, horsemen and drivers).
  • The best camping equipment (spacious tents, comfortable inflatable mattresses, first aid etc. ….)
    Small groups and personalized services.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. (This is very important for us we do not miss the trash on the way, we collect the garbage on the road and transport it to a recycling place or sometimes we bring to Cusco, we are very careful in this regard).
  • Committed to social projects and improving the living conditions of the children in Peru. (Another very important aspect is to help the children of indigenous communities especially to education and obviously to create jobs and thus improved the standard of living).
  • Many options and facilities to book any expedition in Peru.
  • We are flexible for any tours; you choose the date of your tour.


We offer travel experiences focused on traditions, cultural exchange and a love for nature. By implementing sustainable practices that are both socially conscious and environmentally friendly, we offer our travel experiences to travelers wishing to experience new places in meaningful ways and with a purpose.


To change the way we travel.



Passion. We are passionate about our traditions, culture and mystic landscapes. Even more so, we are passionate to share all of our colourful traditions and living history to travellers from all over the world.

Innovation. Peru is the land of hidden-gems. Our team is always in search of new experiences, off the beaten paths and unique sights to offer like-minded travellers looking for their next big adventure.

Transparency. Our team operates with the highest levels of transparency. We believe in sustainable and responsible travel. To do so, we implement socially conscious and environmentally friendly practices whenever possible for the benefit of our travelers, employees and business partners.

Authenticity. Our culture, traditions and surrounding landscapes are one of a kind. We strive to offer tours and services that strictly portray all of our cultural richness in its truest of nature. We love genuine experiences and interactions.


Our Goals

Why we Suggest Runas Expeditions?  To provide sustainable tourism and informative tours to Machu Picchu. To educate not only about the Inca culture and history but also connect with the hearts of local people and have a good relationship and unique experience.
To provide a memorable and enjoyable experience in our adventure trekking or any other tours.
To maintain a 100% local property overlooking to support our local communities by providing jobs and focuses on reinvesting in communities and schools.
To provide equitable services to our porters machine (our porters), providing the best appropriate equipment for them to do their jobs, health insurance and deservedly to be paid for their tireless work.


What is our Vision?

We quality and personalized service no matter what kind of journey or tour prefer our customers, we will always be attentive to your inanities.We want those who choose to train to visit Machu Picchu, you will be treated with the same dedication as those who spend a few days with us on treks through the mountains.
We are very flexible allowing any more options for the trip event.
Create respect and admiration in our visitors and ourselves to our Inca culture.
To provide an experience beyond imagination.
To help people experiencing things that they did not know what they wanted to see until they saw or experienced.
Reviews are very useful and appreciated of course – but there’s nothing like a good recommendation from a satisfied customer.
To be recognized as the lead agency & Tour Operator in the Cusco region and contributes greatly to the development of the tourism sector.


Our Values

Why we Suggest Runas Expeditions?

The Values of Runas Expeditions? Honesty and integrity.

Safety for you, our leaders Guides are an integral part of the security on every trip.

Client = Friend = family.

Working in family.
A commitment to culture, history and society of the Andean world.
Dedication and much professionalism to our customers.
Teamwork – Knowledge, Experience and Dedication.
Communication is very important for any event.
Creative and Innovating – Solidarity.
Replace the attacks and criticisms by proposals and actions.
Caring for the environment.
Made by Peruvian 100%.