Cusco City Tour, Sacred Valley and Machupicchu 4D/3N


Pisac - Urubamba - Ollantaytambo -Maras Salt Mines - Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu
$ 860 Price pp
4 Days Duration
Hotel Accommodation
Max: 8p Max Guests:
Easy Dificulty:

Cusco City Tour, Sacred Valley and Machupicchu 4D/3N

Hotel Accommodation
Max: 8 People Max Guests:
Year Around Season
Easy Dificulty Level:

Enjoy the Best of Cusco in 4 Days by taking our tour to Cusco City, Sacred Valley 2 Days and Machu Picchu and explore all the wonder of Machu Picchu and its surroundings.

Our four days journey offer you to discover the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, from the architectural wonderland that is Cusco and experience closely the Inca history and the most impressive ancient Inca ruins in the world that the Sacred Valley has to offer, including the visit to the circular agricultural terraces of Moray, the Salt Mines of Maras that still endure nowdays, and ending the tour with a journey to one of the most important archeological sites in the world “Machu Picchu”.

Cusco City Tour, Sacred Valley and Machupicchu 4D/3N Cusco City Tour, Sacred Valley and Machupicchu 4D/3N Map



  • Explore Cusco City Tour, Sacred Valley in 2days, Machu Picchu
  • Transfer airport Pick up and drop off are included
  • Private van while you’ having the City Tour
  • Private van while you’re traveling to the Sacred Valley
  • Panoramic train Journey
  • Enjoy the hot spring at Aguas Calientes town on day 4 (optional)
  • Spend the night in a nice hotel: Cusco City – first night
  • Spend the night in a nice hotel: Ollantaytambo – second night
  • Spend the night in a nice hotel: Aguas Calientes town – thrid night
  • Learn and interact with our native Tour Guides

Pre-Tour Briefing:

The tour guide will meet you at your hotel one day before your tour to give you a briefing. They will tell you all about your tour and answer any questions you may have. It is important to us that you ask any questions you may have so the tour guide will get you ready for your amazing tour.


You will be touring with the best team made of our guides, drivers. You will be proud of the people in our team for their hard work. We treat our team very well and provide them with everything they need to work well and respond to your needs.

What makes us different?

Runas Expeditions is owned by locals and based in Cusco-Peru. Runas Expeditions has the best professional staff, we work hard to provide a high-quality service, RE organize all kinds of tour packages and we are ready to answer your questions, we arrange your tour according to your needs and we are very flexible. And the most important thing for us is your safety in each tour, you are in good hands, we take care of you from door to door.

  • 100 % local tour company
  • Passion for the essential and details
  • Passion for Peru Tours
  • Small groups and _customized experiences
  • Authentic experiences
  • Safety standars
  • Experienced Tour Guides
  • Committed to social projects

Optional items:

  • Vistadome Train (one way): $75 per person
  • Vistadome Train (round trip): $130 per person
  • Huayna Picchu Mountain –tickets cost an additional $75 per person. To get this ticket, you need to book far in advance; climbing takes 2 hours round trip.
  • Machu Picchu Mountain – tickets cost an additional $75 per person. To get this ticket, you need to book far in advance; climbing takes 3 hours round trip.


Day 1: Arrival to Cusco – City Tour afternoon

Upon arrival to the city of Cusco, you will be welcomed and transferred to your hotel. At yoy hotel, you will receive a brief orientation about your trip and then you will have free time in the morning to acclimatize. In the afternoon, your private guide will pick you up from your hotel at 1 pm to begin city Tour of Cusco, our first stop will be the main square, where you will get the first inca lesson.

After touring this sacred main square, you will continue on foot with your group through the ancient Inca-era streets to Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun). This particular site was a key spiritual center of the Ancient Incas, and as such, has some of the most impressive architectural techniques. From Qorikancha we will head to the famous archeological site (Sacsayhuaman). The Sacsayhuaman site is famous for its architectural complexity, including monolithic stones weighing as much as 200 tons. Your guide will explain this phenomenal site and will leave you time to explore it on your own.

From Sacsayhuaman it will be a 5-minute bus ride to the Q’enqo Inca site, famous for its sacrificial area inside a cave, then another short ride to Puca Pucara, a small fortress guarding the area around Cusco. The final stop on our tour will be Tambomachay (Temple of water) with its impressive water fountains. We’ll then drive back down to Cusco where the tour ends at your hotel.



  • Accommodations: Hotel in Cusco 
  • Crew included: Native Guide, Driver
  • Meals Included: N/A
  • Entrance tickets: included 

Day 2: Pisaq Ruins – Pisaq Market – Ollantaytambo

We will pick you up at your hotel lobby at 8:00 a.m. Then we’ll take you to the first destination,

Then, we’ll follow towards the Sacred Valley. So the first destination that we’ll visit is the alpaca farm Awanacancha, a weaving center and the museum of the potatoes and corns where you’ll learn how to make the differences between llamas, alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos, and learn the different varieties of potatoes and corn as well, which were the most important activities of the Incas.

Following, we will stop at mirador “look out” to take the official photos of the sacred valley where the views are impressive. Then we’ll drive to the archaeological site of Pisaq where we’ll see hundreds of terraces for agriculture, largest Inca tombs, Inca army sector, the sun temple and the astronomical side of the Incas.

Afterwards, we’ll descend and visit the Pisaq market, the most traditional handicraft market, where you can purchase some souvenirs. Following we’ll drive to Urubamba for lunch, lunch is normally buffet but you can order menu as well. Then, we’ll drive through the Sacred Valley to the fabulous Ollantaytambo Inca site, which was the main checkpoint to protect Machu Picchu against enemy and also it has the most impressive temple of the sun. Moreover you’ll appreciate the most intact Inca town. After tour, your private guide will take you to your hotel in Ollantaytambo.



  • Accommodations: Hotel in Ollantaytambo 
  • Crew included: Native Guide, Driver
  • Meals Included: Breakfast in the Hotel (Cusco)
  • Entrance tickets: included 


Day 3: Maras Salt Mines – Moray Ruins – Chinchero – Aguas Calientes

After breakfast at your hotel in Ollantaytambo, we’ll depart at 8:00 am to Salineras – also known as the salt pans of Maras—which was the main salt supply for the nearby towns of the Sacred Valley and the Inca Empire, developed by the Inca to harvest salt through evaporation. Nowadays, there are more than 3,000 salt ponds, and they are still in use today and are carefully maintained by a close community with regulations and rules that date back to the time of the Inca. These pools are owned by local farmers and become the main economic activity for all the locals.

Afterwards, we continue to the stunning archaeological site of Moray—circular agricultural terraces excavated deep in the ground that are preserved to this day. The Inca used Moray as a way to study farming, or for experimental with micro-climates and get different crops. The archaeological site of Moray is also one of the most photographed sites in the area. Depending on the time, weill stop either before or after Moray to grab lunch.

We’ll then drive to the town of Chinchero, believed by the Incas to be the birthplace of the rainbow. At Chinchero, we’ll see extensive Inca terraces, used as the perfect location to farm potatoes, where the Inca civilization got their supplies from here. We’ll also see a small colonial-era church, which was built by the Spaniards, on the top of the Inca palace, before exploring Chinchero’s famous textile production and weaving crafts. Tour a weaver’s studio and learn about the process of cleaning and producing the wool, then browse the selection of vibrant textiles for the perfect handmade gift.



  • Accommodations: Hotel in Aguas Calientes 
  • Crew included: Native Guide, Driver
  • Meals Included: Breakfast in the Hotel (Ollantaytambo)
  • Entrance tickets: included 


We’ll then head back to Ollantaytambo, where you can enjoy dinner at one of the local restaurants before boarding the train to Aguas Calientes at 7:04 pm, the train journey is less than two hours. Upon arrival at Aguas Calientes, you’ll be taken to your hotel, to prepare for your next day.


Today starts your magical day to explore Machu Picchu. We’ll wake up and have breakfast early in the morning, after breakfast, we take a bus up for 30 minutes to Machu Picchu to get into it to see the lost city of the Incas almost with no so mamy people. Once in you have time for pictures, time to enjoy the views.

Afterwards, your private Guide will give you the guided tour for 2 ½ hours to get to know everything about Machu Picchu. Then you have free time to explore the magic city of the Incas on your own. If you like you can hike to the sun gate or the Inca bridge.

If you book in advance Huaynapicchu or Machupicchu montaña, you climb one of these mountains. After Machupicchu, you go back to Aguas Calientes to have a delicious lunch in one of the restaurants in town, in the afternoon you will take the train back to Ollantaytambo, and from Ollantaytambo we’ll transfer you to Cusco to your hotel.

Important: The train schedules indicated are referential and can change based on the departures of the available trains.



  • Accommodations: N/A
  • Crew included: Native Guide, Driver
  • Meals Included: Breakfast in the Hotel (Aguas Calientes)
  • Entrance tickets: included 


Includes / Does not include



  • Transfer airport Pick up and drop off
  • Pick up from your hotel and drop off
  • Day 1: Private transport for the Cusco City Tour
  • Day 2: Private transport for the Sacred Valley Tour
  • Day 3: Private transport for the Moray & Maras Salt Mines
  • Day 3 & Day 4: Expedition Train journey from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes and back
  • Day 4: Round Trip Consettur Bus Ticket to Machu Picchu
  • Day 4: Private transport from Ollantaytambo to Cusco

Entrance Tickets and Permits:

  • Entrance fee to the incas ruins in the Cusco City Tour
  • Entrance fee to the Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley
  • Entrance fee to the Maras Salt Mines
  • Entrance fee to Machu Picchu Archaeological Site

High Quality Service & Safety standards:

  • Pre-departure Briefing
  • Experienced Tour Guide
  • Guiding Tour in Machupicchu
  • First Aid Kit + oxygen bottle
  • 24/7 Customer Service


  • Day 1: Hotel 3 star (Cusco City)
  • Day 2: Hotel 3 star (Ollantaytambo)
  • Day 3: Hotel 3 star (Aguas Calientes Town)


  • Day 2: Buffet Breakfast in the Hotel
  • Day 3: Buffet Breakfast in the Hotel
  • Day 4: Buffet Breakfast in the Hotel


  • Meals
  • Tip for your Crew (optional)
  • Things not mentioned
  • Travel Insurance




  • Original Passport.
  • International Student Cart (if book as a student).
  • Immigration card.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Walking boots.
  • Good backpack or daypack.
  • Waterproof jacket & Warm jacket, hat and gloves.
  • Recyclable water container or camel bag.
  • T-shirts & Comfortable trousers.
  • Sun hat + sunglasses.
  • Sun protection cream & Insect repellent.
  • Toiletries (toilet paper, wet wipes, personal towel).
  • Personal medication.
  • Towel
  • Sandals
  • Extra money.


Tour Accomodation:

Accomodation: This amazing journey provides a very nice 3 star hotel at overnight, and is based on a shared room (Double occupancy).

If you would like to upgrade your hotel, or prefer a single room, there will be an additional cost.

First night: Hotel 3 star in Cusco City

Second night: Hotel 3 star in Ollantaytambo

Third night: Hotel 3 star in Aguas Calientes Town



Private Tour:

  • $860 Per Person (Minimum 2People)

If you are more tha 4 people contact us! 


Student discounts apply to anyone who has a valid UNIVERSITY STUDENT CARD at the time of the tour or who is 17-years-old or younger. For those using an university student card to receive the discount, we need to see a copy of the card at booking time. For those booking children 17-years-old or younger, we need a copy of their passport at booking time as well. Please send all to

$25 off per person


  • Vistadome train – US $75 (only one way per person)
  • Vistadome train – US $130 (round trip per person)
  • Single – US $ 50
  • Huayna Picchu Mountain: US $75 
  • Machu Picchu Mountain: US $75



In order to book your Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu 2 days tour with us, we will need a deposit of $200 per person. Once we get your deposit, we will send you a confirmation of your trip and the booking form to fill out. Here is all the detail that you need to send us.

  • Personal information (your full name, exactly as on your passport):
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • Date of Birthday (dd / mm / yyyy)

We need copies of Passport of each participants because they are required to get Machu Picchu and train ticket.


We are Unable to accept any bookings without completed booking form and deposit sent to Runas Expeditions. All deposits are $200 per person and are non-refundable.
We accept payments through PayPal and Visa, they do charge 6% so the total per person is $212 and should be sent to

You can make your deposit by clicking on the  PAYPAL symbols on our page or you need to log into your Paypal account and send the money to


You’ll pay your balance in due in Cusco before your tour. Runas Expeditions is only equipped to accept payments in cash for your balance. Please let Runas Expeditions Knows you plan to pay your balance before your scheduled briefing time.


According to Peruvian Law, you have to be under 18 years old at the time of your visit to Machu Piccu 2 days (if you are 18 or over, you need valid student cards). Below is the sample of valid student card

All students from 11 to 17 years old have a discount of $25 USD.

For children from 2 to 11 years old have a discount is $25 USD.

All students have to send a copy of their passport and student card at the time of their booking to get the student discount. Send us a copy at


Yes, it is possible. But you have to pay the penalty of 25% of deposit which Peru rail and Machu Picchu office charges us.


Yes! You must bring your original passport and it is very important that it should be same passport you sent us to reserve your Machu Picchu ticket. Your passport will be checked at Machu Picchu checkpoint and when you board the train.


If you are renewing your passport, go ahead and email us a copy of your old passport to book your Machu Picchu ticket. If you no longer have your old passport, any government issue ID will be accepted, as long as the name is the same. Once you receive your new passport. Please email us a copy of your new passport ASAP to change the information of your ticket.


It will depend on the train availability. We usually book the 7:05 pm schedule from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes on day 1 and the return train ticket is at 02:55 pm so you arrive to Cusco at 06:45 pm and you have enough time sleep and do any tour next day.


Book Now

    Personal Information

    Group ServicePrivate Service


    Hotel Preference

    MatrimonialSingle ($50 extra)DoubleTripleOther

    Do you want to hike Huayna Picchu Mountain?

    Huayna Picchu Mountain is $75 per person if you are doing day tours or alternative treks.

    Huayna Picchu Mountain is $75 per person if you are doing Inca trail.

    Do you want to hike Machu Picchu Mountain?

    Machu Picchu Mountain is $75 per person if you are doing day tours or alternative treks.

    Machu Picchu Mountain is $75 per person if you are doing Inca trail.

    Yes Machupicchu MountainNo

    Train service

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